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Jignesh aghera

I have loaded cimplicity development server on NT serever machine and get it registered. Now due to problem while booting the system, i
can't open application as well as can't transfer the the registration on the floppy.

Following error has occured:

Stop: C000135"Unable to loacate DLL"

the Dynamic link Library winsrv.dll could not be found in the Specified path default load path.

If i wil resolve the problem with available solution then can i get my registration of cimplicity server as it is or i have to re-register it.

Matt Warshawsky

winsrv.dll is a windows dll that should be located in the winnt\system32 directory (or the like). Either this file accidently got deleted (in which case you'll need to probably repair windows to get the correct version), or more likely, you installed some program that changed the search path for dll's. Unfortunately, each version of windows has a slightly different location for this path setting. It is always with the Environmental Variables under "Path".
In Win2000Pro it is under System-Advanced in the Control Panel. Make sure that the first directory listed in the path string is your system32 directory. This should hopefully solve your problem!

Matt Warshawsky