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Zuo Zhihui

I have some questions about my project on Cimplicity, here it is: 1) I want to build a screen for Login & Logout, How can I use Event & Procedure for someone Login/out? not by Cim Login Panel. 2) Where can I get the Program Code Description of the Cim Object, such as "cimlogin" & so on? I can't find them in GFK1283E.DPF. 3) Can I make a Development to be a Runtime for a project? and how can I make the user don't use the development function? Thanks for the help!

Francus, West (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

Zuo, 1) you can have the event run a script that will use the CIMLOGIN and CIMLOGOUT. 2) refer to the online help, or the GFK1283F (they may not have been in E) PDF files on the 5.0 CD or at, or at 3) Development vs Runtime is based on the license you purchase and install. If you have a system licensed for Development, you can keep the user out of trouble by using the operating system (setting permissions, hiding task bar, etc., try TWEAKUI available on the web), and you can use CIMVIEW parameters such as /noexit, see the documentation. Regards, West Francus GE Fanuc Automation West Francus GE Fanuc Automation, NA CIMPLICITY: GE Fanuc: knowledgebase:
Thanks for Help! I have thought to use CimLogin & CimLogout to make the Login/out, but I want get more information about the Program Code, so I ask the questions, and also I have gone to the knowledge base but I fail to get the documents. Now, I still can't solve the problem without the manual. I hope your answer, Thanks!