Cimplicity & GE90/30 vs Wonderware & Modicon Quantum


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Michael Layman

Would like input from anyone working with any of these systems on the pluses and minuses of each. We will be using one of these platforms on a building automation project at a Convention Center that is mostly HVAC.


Kevin Totherow

My $.02 worth - Vendors can show you that either are capable - so ask what is the best ROI?

What spares are in stores? current training? Where and how much is training for either system? What is the expected cost of ownership for 10 years? What is installed and configured costs?

Potential ROI: If you go the Wonderware route you can easily interface the real-time data with the InSQL data historian for statisitcal analysis for several energy savings, and you can interface real time data to the Avantis maintenance system to generator emergency WOs, PM work orders, predictive WOs, or store unusual operting conditions in the maintenance system for failure analysis.

I've worked with GE90/30, Wonderware, and a little with Cimplicity (years ago).

I know this wasn't the technical data you were looking for but I hope that it helps a little.


Burda, Jason M.

I have used the cimplicity system pretty extensively and found it to be
pretty easy to work with from the standpoint of an HMI tool. Development is
relatively simple for simple things (screens to mimic operator stations).
As is probably the case with wonderware...the more complicated things you do
the more complicated the programming becomes.

From a support standpoint, I can tell you this...GE Support = $$$$. For
every copy of cimplicity you purchase you have to purchase a cimplicity safe
contract ($$$) and they have structured their support network around this
safe contract. So if you go the route of cimplicity be prepared to pay.
Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of advantages to safe (free
upgrades/Monday to Friday unlimited support) ....

Take a look for yourself.


Michael Layman

>Thanks for the replys. I am looking for just about any information on these two systems icluding reliability, ease of programing, support and replacement-upgrade parts ability. Also the PLCs and OIT will be ethernetted with Web capibility. The bid with the Modicon Quantum came in considerably lower than the G.E 90/30

Michael Layman