Cimplicity .gef problem


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please could you help me? i have problem in cimplicity HMI. when i run the GTG.gef, i can't because there is error message:


what is the solution for this problem?

This problem usually occurs when someone is trying to copy files from a CD/DVD. Usually, when the files are written to disk they are locked, and when they are copied to the hard drive they are still locked. So you need to right-click on the file, click on 'Properties' and uncheck the 'Read-Only' ("locked") attribute for the .gef file.

Please write back to let us know if this resolved your problem.
for this procedure is not working (all folders are not locked).

But i find the solution, so the solution is:<pre>

folder name: LOCK

in this folder: lock

create file PROJECT.LOCK
create file HMI.RUNNING

AFTER that i have lunch the project it's OK</pre>
Thank you for the feedback! It's unusual for the LOCK folder to be "missing." And, it's unusual for CIMPLICITY not to automatically create the folder and populate it when the project is opened.
These files are created automatically by Cimplicity when you run the project.

Backup your project just in case, and try emptying the Lock folder before running the project.

Hope this helps.