Cimplicity help

1700873866322.pngGreetings, I'm needing a little help with cimplicity.
The problem occurs when the alarm screen is inactive for 5 minutes, an error appears in Windows indicating that the PROCALM2 service has detected a problem and must be closed. When I open the procalm2.txt file I see that when the error occurs, the following is recorded:
procalm is idle. closing connection with AM.

As long as I keep acknowledging, blocking, resetting alarms or doing something on the alarm screen it doesn't give the error. The problem occurs when 5 minutes pass without executing commands.

Does anyone know of a configuration in cimplicity where I can eliminate that timer to enter idle?

It is a ge5001 unit with mark V and cimplicity veesion 9.0 running on windows 7.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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