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Please Mr.CSA can you give me one example
on the HMI program. I have CIMPROG file that contain all the screens for the operator
(.cim). For example I want to add one valve to that screen by indication open, close signal. How can I do this?
The number of steps involved *if* I knew what version of CIMPLICITY you had and what service packs and what version of Toolbox you were using would just be too much for this forum.

*MAKE A BACK-UP of the .cim file before you start!* For the CIMPLICITY portion of screen editing, you are on your own (drawing the valve representation). Is there another valve on some display which is like the one you want to add? If so, you can copy and paste the valve from one display to the other, then edit the signal(s) that toggle the valve color or indicate the position. That's all in CIMEDIT (you open the .cim file in CIMEDIT to check it out).

Is the signal for valve status (open/close or position) available in Toolbox? If so, is it in one of the EGD Exchanges? If the signal is already in one of the EGD Exchanges, you're almost done.

If not, you really should get some on-site help.
I don't know what kind of valve you are using, so I will show you simple example.

Select screen you want to add valve in from screens in Cimplicity workbench. Right click on selected screen and choose edit. Go to top menu and under tools select "show object explorer". From menu on left select valves and choose last valve on screen (should be simple valve with green top). Copy and past this valve to screen you are editing and resize by clicking on corner. Now right mouse on valve and choose "open group". Double click on green top and properties should come up. Choose color animation from this popup. From "Expression List" select "edit". In the "expression" click the ">" and choose "Browse point ID" and pick the point of "valve close" from list. Then type "eq 1" after point name. Now choose first "Fill" dropdown and choose "solid". The second dropdown choose a color. Click "New" and do same as above for "valve open". Close and save the screen. If screen is open, close it and the re-open it again. The top of valve should now change color for open and close.
If you won't respond to *all* the questions asked of you, it's virtually impossible to assist you.

At this point you have a few options:
1) try to teach yourself how to do this (make lots of back-ups before you start, and write down every single step/action *as* you do it so you have some kind of record of what happened should you need to undo what you did or need to explain to someone what you've done);

2) answer all the questions asked of you in a timely fashion to determine if you can be helped via this forum, and be prepared for the possibility that the challenge is just too daunting to be accomplished this way;

3) get some training in Mark VI and CIMPLICITY;

4) pay someone knowledgeable to do it for you.

What will it be?

Can you tell us *exactly* what valve you are trying to add to a display? What kind of information about the valve do you want to display (open/close; position; flow; etc.)?

Have you looked to see if the information about the valve is available in Toolbox and whether or not it is already in one of the EGD Exchanges?

You have to be a part of this process by answering all the questions asked of you. Otherwise, you're going to be disappointed. And you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Have you given some thought as to how you think this would be accomplished? Can you provide an outline of the steps you think you would need to take to accomplish what you want to do?
Thank you very much for your assistance to me.
My question is general on Mk VI. I want to know how to add not only valves, maybe feedback indication for the valve or any any feedback this for example.

Also if I WANT to add solenoid valve how can I add the software to the sequence control program for the Mk VI, and then how do I display this valve or the indication like feedback on the screen?

If you have details send it to my email
aboforat_2005 @
Have your employer send you to Mark VI training to get the basics of the system. You may be able to talk to the instructor and have him/her answer your specific questions. But it sounds like you need some basic understanding of the Mark VI and how the HMI/CIMPLICITY communicate, as well as how to get signals from the Mark VI into the CIMPLICITY Project Database and how to edit CIMPLICITY to display status/values.

It is *not* intuitive, or simple, or easy.

Or well documented anywhere.