Cimplicity HMI Viewer Addition


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We intend to have an additional cimplicity hmi viewer in our PEECC which has a MARK VIe control system. Should we configure it as an additional workstation or we should just add it to the PDH network? Can you please give us some suggestions.

Secondly we have bought a multi-tone audible alarm to be used in our PEECC for the MARK VIe alarms. the alarm system needs a dry contact to close for it to sound. should we write additional logic of parallel rungs for all the alarms? Can we also make use of the CAPTURE BLOCKS? If yes how do we silent the alarm tone using the acknowledge button on the cimplicity alarm screen?

Thank you.
I think i have an answer to the my second question concerning the audible alarm. By going through the logic, i realize i can use the L30ALM signal to do that.

My first question still stands and i will be glad to have suggestions from you.