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Andreas Schizas

I have an extensive experience with the FIX scada package of INTELLUTION of more than 6 years.

However our client wants that we use the Cimplicity package of GE-Fanuc for a new project. The job would be very easy if I could use FIX but I cannot estimate the effort needed to do the same job with Cimplicity. Is anybody out there who knows both packages and could comment on this issue?

The underlying PLC is going to be a Quantum 140 of Modicon-Schneider with Interbus-S connection. This is also new to me. I was using the Siemens S5 for more than 8 years.

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Andreas Schizas

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Glass, Philip

GE Cimplicity is one of the more user-friendly packages available. With any new package (new to you), there is going to be a learning
curve. My first brush with GE Cimplicity was about 3 years ago. I was able to breeze through the manuals and develop a small HVAC application in less 3 days. Since then I've done considerably more with GE Cimplicity but I see it's biggest strength is it's ease of use. If I were building the application, I would be able to develop
faster in GE Cimplicity than I could in Fix-32 but I know both packages very well. If I were the Plant Manager and I knew the strengths and weaknesses of both applications, I would much prefer Fix-32 (actually I'd go with iFix, but you didn't ask about that).

Hope this helps.

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I've used both Intellution FIX32 and GE Cimplicity.

Without going into deep analysis I would say that since Cimplicity is more object oriented it takes more time to define all object properties (all those tabs...). So you can expect slightly longer
development time.

On the other end, Cimplicity has basic control engine which is very powerful and lets you build add-ons that some customer ask for.

Taking all into account, my preference would be Cimplicity.

Programming the Modicon PLC, after you have been programming on S-7 should be piece of cake...

Amir Or

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Tanweer Ahmed

Hi Andreas,
I never used FIX but have good experience with Cimplicity. Its a great software (because I'm used to it) and offers option driver for
various protocols and I hope Interbus-S is one of them. In case Interbus-S is not availble with Cimplicity you will need to add a hardware at your PLC side to convert the interbus-S to a protocol compatible to Cimplicity as well as you are good at, say TCP/IP.

Since both the ends are new to you, you will certainly need much more time to configure than you generally take with S5 and FIX. Take it approximately twice.

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