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dear list.
i have registered my GE-Fanuc cimplicity via their web-site, and got authorization code.
and succesfully registered my cimplicity.

but when i run my project, the system could not identify the license ('cimplicy will run for 2 hrs' message box still appears.

i'm in tight schedule, could somebody help me ??

And this registration thing, seems ridiculous to me. while i'm in remote location, troubleshooting seems imposibble


Steve Bailey

I had the same experience once. It turned out that the registration desk gave me an authorization code for the latest version of Cimplicity, but I was a registering a system that was one revision level earlier.

Also, did you register all of the options?

Walters Curt L Contr AEDC/SVT

The times that this has happened to me, I ended-up reloading Cimplicity and reregistering. I usually follow the unload procedure that GE has on
their web site which includes cleaning all the Cimplicity stuff from the registry. In fact, I had the same symptom that you described and the
reload cured it. As a temporary measure, I found that if I logged-off and then back on the message would not appear and the project would continue to work for days. It appeared that a restart would trigger the message. I am using version 5.5 sp1.

A couple of things to watch out for when dealing with the Cimplicity registration:

1) If you are upgrading a system from a previous version of Cimplicity to a newer version the Crypkey service (licensing software) will
probably NOT upgrade. This means new license keys will likely be invalid or will not license correctly until you install the newest version
of the crypkey licensing software for that version (This does not mean a complete uninstall and reinstall of the software - just the
licensing portion). If you contact the Cimplicity HelpDesk they can inform you of how to proceed with this issue.

2) It is also possible (as mentioned in one of the other comments) that the Authorization dept gave you an authorization keycode for a
version different than what you are using. This generally happens if you are using older versions of Cimplcity. If you find that happening
then explicitly state with the authorization group which version you are using.

Hope this helps.