Cimplicity to RS View communication


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Pandurang Dalvi

We have two systems, one running Cimplcity and other running RS view. We want to send data from Cimplicity to Rs view for monitoring. How to achieve this??

Can anybody help??

Mark Hensley

Hello Pandurang,

Both of these products offer OPC interfaces to their respective tag databases. You can use DCOM to link the machines if the applications are running on different PCs. If you have a choice you may want to use Cimplicity as an OPC client to RSView32. Using the project wizard to add the OPC client on Cimplicity will give you the option of having all of the available RSView32 project tags automatically placed into your Cimplicity database. This assumes you have Cimplicity 5.0 or better.

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Looking for OPC servers, look here.

Sanjay Patel

Dear Friend

I have no experience on Cimplicity but I have worked on RsView 32. There are following options are available.

(1) If Cimplicity is OPC compatible use OPC Server for that.

(2) Using programming language u can access the tag data from the RsView 32.

We have provide the redundancy of the RsView 32 using same concept.


Sanjay Patel