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Walter Villafuerte

I need a bit that exist in the PLC 5 /40 like D16:20/0 but when i try to get it in cimplicity 3.22 the first problem that i have is that an error ocurrs trying to configure a point like 4-BCD type and using the same address than the pLC has. I discover that using the address N16:20/0 in the point configuration i can read the bit, but i can not write it. I will apreciate if someone can help me with this problem. It is important to know that i can't do any change in the PLC ladder logic. Thank you very much for your time.
I hope I am understanding this correctly, that you are looking just to read bit 0 of the word in the PLC. If that is the case, then the point type in Cimplicity should be set as Boolean I think. It doesn't matter what type of file it is, D or N or B, if you are interested in just one bit. BCD type in Cimplicity would take a full "word" and convert it from binary coded decimal format to decimal. So, in your case, if I understand your question, set up the point as Boolean, address of D16:20 with an offset of 0. Now, I don't know if Cimplicity chokes on using a D type, in which case it sounds like you made it work using a N type. Whatever the case, I hope that gets you into the right direction. Dave Klebe WebDock Information and Automation Systems
I would also make sure that the point in Cimplicity is set for Read/Write access. I believe the default is Read Only.
I would HIGHLY recommend, upgrading to Cim HMI Version 5.0 sp2, the current release. And of course, attrition test your code fully, as you project prob will NOT upgrade smoothly if at all.
Yes, I know $ may cost, but you can get a free NC$ 50 Tag, non-network, version of Cim HMI 5.0 for base line evaluation. Once you use the newer platform, you'll wonder why you kept the 3.22 so long, not a sales pitch here, just reality. Sorry reply was not PLC specific, but keeping older versions of HMI not usually easy to support.
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