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I design a new system with PLC GEFanuc series 90-70 connected with MMI. I have to choose MMI software between Cimplicity and RSView. I put GE modbus RTU module (P/N IC697CMM711) and use it to connect to MMI. I think if i chose Cimplicity, i don't have to buy anything else, just pull a wire from modbus RTU module to PC, because cimplicity already have the modbus RTU driver. But if i chose RSView, i have to buy OPC server. Could anybody suggest that my assumption is correct or not ?

Raymundo D. Balderas

Hi Sidik:

I think you must choose CIMPLITY over RSview. I have worked with CIMPLICITY and its a powerful tool as HMI. About your question on Modbus, I know you must buy the drive license for Modbus in CIMPLICITY. is about $300 USD.

On the other hand, Module CMM711 have other protocols inside as CCM or SNP, these protocols drives are FREE in CIMPLICITY and support serial baud up to 19200. If CMM is your unique Modbus Device. I recommend you put a Ethernet Card from GE-Fanuc instead of a CMM card. Data transfer is Very fast and its driver it's FREE too.

I hope this could be useful.

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Your assumption is definitely correct. RSview provides 3 connectivity options. Lynx, DDE, and OPC. If you do not connect to AB products you are
stuck with OPC. The OPC server software I use sells regularly for about $600 per license. Modbus/TCP is free as far as I know. Go with Cimplicity unless you have a reason you haven't stated. We had other reasons to choose RSView but I sometimes wish I hadn't when I compare experiences with buddies in our depts that use it.

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Eric J. Feight

I've used both, it's Cimplicity without a doubt. Especially in your case with the 90-70. Use Ethernet if you can, you'll be a lot happier with the updates. If it's a new system don't overlook the 90-30s. Some of the new CPUs are faster than the 90-70s and have on board ethernet. I am in the process of putting together a system with 5 90-30s, two hot back-up HMI serrvers, two redundant SQL servers, and six operator workstations. My job is too much fun!