CIMPROJ folder contents in MARK VIe

could anyone tell me what the contents of CIMPROJ folder are in MARK VIe?? Or share a screenshot of the folder or share with me a zip file of CIPMPROJ folder?
Thank you all
I only got this picture. I hope what your mean!

By CIMPROJ folder I mean this location: E:\Site\Cimproj
Please send me a screenshot of this folder
Or if possible please send me a zip file of this folder
I am configuring Cipmplicity and things are are a little complicated, so I need to go further and deeper to get it done
Thank you
Dear Shakarami!
I only found that folder on MarkVI. On MarkVie I can't find it.
I send to you the picture of folder CIMPROJ on SP MarkVI.

Thank you for your precious information
Dear tokiemnhiet, as you may already know I am a begginer to GE Mrak VIe control systems, for configuring and stablishing communication between ToolboxST, WorkstationST and Cimplicity I need some guidance from someone who has done this before, please do me a favor and send me a copy of your "E:\Data" drive, specially "localcheckout" folder (data drive is where all the configuration files are stored) so that I can compare mine to yours and can troubleshoot what I am doing wrong. This is my email address: [email protected]
You can share a link via
we can exchange information as you wish
Thank you

what exactly are you looking for? Are you working on a live system or trying to replicate this on a separate system?

Note: the Cimproj files are separate from the Mark VIe files. they are 2 different software packages.

What type of GT unit is this for? What version of controlST(mark VIe) What version of Cimplicity?