CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux development version


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Ron Gage

Announcing the initial, public release of CELL, the CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux. This is a very rough, not yet working version of the library. It is basically some of the initial framework for the library. You are welcome to download what I have from If you are expecting to download a library that will immediately let you communicate between a Linux based PC and a ControlLogix PLC, don't waste your time right now. What I have here is guarenteed to not work. There is just too much missing at this point. If, however, you wish to help me in building this project up to a world-class communications library, I encourage you to download a copy and join in the fun. If you care, I'll have a real home-page up for the project sometime this week - I hope. It's kinda hard getting time to work on this stuff when your 3 year old son wants to chase you around the house, trying to scare you (scooby-doo style). :) -- Ron Gage - Saginaw, MI ([email protected])