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Hi there.. I'm FAIZAL from University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia. I would like to ask some help from you regarding power failure analysis. Its for my final year project actually. I would like to ask you about "circuit breaker" circuit or block diagram. I have searched for some websites and its quite difficult to find the things that I want; circuit or block diagram. I'm looking for those things because this can help me in undestanding the principle of the material. So if you don't mind I would like to ask you for help. At least you can give me some websites which contain those things that I can access in.

Responding to Faizal's Wed, 13-Sep, 1:17 pm query...

Please elaborate on the information you need, or provide additional
detail regarding your study's goal:

a) When referring to control and block diagrams do you mean the "open"
and "close" control circuits of the breaker?

b) When referring to power failure analysis do you mean Probabilistic
Risk Assessment (PRA). That is, the probability that a breaker, or
breaker configuration, will be successful?

c) Are you considering a comparison of circuit breaker types? Such as:
oil immersed (large volume); reduced oil content (low volume);
air-break; vacuum break; SF6-blast; low, medium, or high voltage.

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Carlos Araya Mackenney

You can find info in a General Electric web.
Try Products. We recommended the 750 and 760 relays and UR-
C30 and
UR-C60. Good luck!

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