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salih ferligul

Special crane application with ATV71+Controller Inside Card. Trolley and hoisting movements syncronisation to make circular interpolation. The flat load is pulling up from one side and other side of the load stays in the ground. In the same time trolley works and we draw a half circle like turning the pages of a book and put the load to the other side. There should be a formula for this movement like y= x... What should be the formula?
Respondig to S. Ferligul's Aug 28, 11:42pm problem... the formula (in rectangular coordinates) for the 'hook' position as the 'trolley' moves from 0 to twice the load length, is:

Y = sqrt [ 2 x L x X - X^2 ], where,

Y = hook's vertical position above ground.
X = trolley's horizontal position fom starting point.
L = length of load.

1) Load is 'stiff', i.e., it does not bend.
2) Load's 'toe' position pivots like the book's page.

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