Citect Comms and Series 6 PLC's


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Peter Milway

Hi all,
I am developing a Citect HMI to connect to an existing Series 6 PLC, (replacing a custom HMI). The connection will be CCM comms to a CCM1B card.

Citect help files and knowledge base articles suggest that the combination of the CCM driver and a CCM1 card is unstable, and may fail after about 10 hours of usage. But the date of these references is mid 1990s. I called Citect help here in Oz, and they could not tell me if this was a current issue. Also tried the UsersList and got no information on this issue.

So does anyone out there have any experience of Series 6 PLCs, Citect, and CCM1B cards??


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Cameron McDonald

Try calling Citect in Perth, they closely support a BHP Billiton client that has multiple reliable Series 6 comms to Citect (has worked for years). I've always found the guys here at Citect provide great support. Check with them whether the CCM1B card (specifically) is used for this WA client - I know the Series 6 PLC's are being phased out at this BHPB site.