Citect on Multiple Monitors (3+)


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Alex Ortega

I'm working on a project to use Citect with three or 4 screens up at a time using the Quad output Matrox g200....
The system we have running now is 3 screens, but on two computers with two keyboards and two mouses. We want to keep it on one computer in the control room, and not have to use switches for the KBrd and mouse. All of the Cicode and tags ive seen only relate to two monitors/screens... If Screen(1), then Screen(2)... The idea is to have Citect draw the extra screen on the 3rd desktop, but im just not sure how to get it to work....If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated...
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Alex Ortega
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I know Citect in Brisbane Australia are working on this as we speak. Basically, there is no change to the Citect source however you need to do some fancy Cicode to popup any animations to the location where the mouse pointer currently is.