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Hello everybody,Iam vijay,Iam facing problem in browsing the tags of CitectOPC server in the ABB OPC client.

In my project i use ABB Freelance DCS with an OPC compliant Engineering/Graphics tool. Also I use
Citect SCADA 6.0 (defaulty OPC server/client complaint).

problem #1: i am running the citect OPC server
in one PC. In the same PC iam running the ABB opc client (DIGIVIS). And when i start for OPC server browsing in client, all the OPC servers that are running on that PC are getting Listed. But after selecting the citect OPC server and when i start
browsing for tags, iam getting the empty page with
no tags listed on that page. This is something unusual which is not happening with other OPC servers like Matrikon,Resolvica sim etc.,

Problem # 2: Just like above now i am running the ABB OPC server in one PC and in the same PC iam running the citect Factorysoft client. Now when i browse for OPC servers in citect opc client,iam getting listed all OPC servers. In that after selecting the ABBs OPC server i tried to browse for Tags(Items). It is getting listed some names
which i have give for the Function blocks and not the actual Tags (Variables i have used in Application program).

So i feel there is some mismatch in data(Tags) formatting.

Kindly help in this regarding.

Have you tried using some off-the-shelf available opc clients like matrikon and kepware? I haven't worked on the ABB freelance OPC server or the Citect but based on the experience with other OPC/DDE products, the aliases have to be created in the server which are accessible/browsable in clients.

you can send me the OPC server and i would test it on my side and share you the experience. You can write to me at:

ashuja at iael dot com.