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Hello all,

I'm working on existing project with Citect scada V6.0. My actual HMI communicate with my TSX P57 threw OFS. It works fine.

I've a new project about linking Citect with 1 Wago PLC, using modnet.
I've created a new project for that, out of my actual project.
It's working fine too. I can read all the MODBUS TCP data of my wago Unit.

My problem is now integrating my wago project into the actual. I include it into, but it does not work.

To resume, If i use the only actual project, I can watch my data on the screen through OFS . I i use the modnet project alone (after configuring the citect computer setup), i can watch my wago data on the screen.
If I use the both project together, (including modnet project in the actual), modnet data are not linked.

Any ideas to help me?

thanks all
If you are using multiple clusters you & neglect modify the citect.ini file to make the clusters for both projects visible to the client you will see #BAD at runtime instead of the actual data from MODNET.