citect to symax through bm85

I, we have citect talk to a symax model 421 throught serial com. We have now a bridge bm85 modbus plus to comm port. We want to use the bridge to communicate faster with citect to modbus plus port on the bridge, can we. If yes how we write adresse in citect to read old symax adresse.

000001 from 123.01


Fred Loveless

In the Bridge you will configure an index. The Index number will be your Modbus Plus node ID. You will map this index to the Symax device ID. The bridge will take care of the rest assuming that it is set to convert from MBPlus to the Symax serial protocol being used.

Fred Loveless
Kepware Technologies
The Modicon BM85 does not talk SyMax protocol, only Modbus-Plus and Modbus serial. You can install a CRM-570 communication module in the SyMax rack that will talk Modbus serial.

If you want to convert Modbus-Plus to SyMax protocol directly you need a Niobrara MEB-RT.