Citect V5.? and AB slc 505


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Ralph Reagan

do i totalise the run hours in the plc and transfer them to scada or do i rely on the run signal(already displayed on the screen) and let the scada toalise them? I prefer to do as much as possible in PLC and display only to SCADA. WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON METHOD WITH CITECT?rEGARDS RALPH
The totalization can be done in the plc or scada depending on your needs. We have done it both ways on different applications. The questions are is how important is acurate run time ( Time could be off if done in scada and communications is lost for a period of time)? How loaded is the plc? To keep processor speeds fast in some applications we have done support logic of this type in citect to reduce processor loading.
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Yosef Feigenbaum

I've always done the totalization in the PLC. It's extremely easy (2 instructions per equipment) and if the SCADA package is down you don't lose any data.

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Gavin MacLean

I prefer the PLC approach. You can do it single rung with retentive timer, although I usually do it with a one second pulse (which I think is a S Table bit in an SLC). ie. Running AND One Sec Pulse Then Increment counter.

In Citect you can do it with an accumulator.