Citect & Win2000 with AB 1784-KTX Card


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Steve Flynn

Hi List, We are having problems getting the AB 1784-KTX card going under Win2000. Was working fine with Win98 using fairly standard setup, but nothing under Win2000. KT Diagnostics runs fine and finds all nodes on the DH+ network. Haven't been able to get RSLinx running as yet - I have been told I need the "Latest Version" for it to work and this should be finished down loading from the AB web site in about a week!! Anyone else had this problem or got it working without probs please let me know. Thanks. Stephen Flynn The Project Office Eltham, VIC AUSTRALIA
We had a similar problem using Wonderware and RSLinx with the KTX card in Win2000. Even though we disabled the services to each we still could not get Linx to recognize the card. Diag's would work and Wonderware's driver worked, but no Linx. We eventually went in and uninstalled the Wonderware driver, but it didn't help. Our final conclusion is that the driver that is loaded by Wonderware does not share the card in 2000 (worked in 98 and NT 4.0) for some reason. We had to manually rename the driver file (ab1784kt.sys) and reboot before Linx would work. It's a hassle, but everyone points to the other software as the culprit.
It is Not your Software It is Windows 2000

According to The Rockwell Web page Microsoft is looking in to the problem. rockwell is Hopeing to Come Out With A Patch Sometime But right Now They Don't Know Why It Does't Work. Windows 2000 is the only Windows Operating System That The Cards Don't Work in.