Class 1 Div2 DC/DC Convertor?


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Lance Guillory

Does anyone know of 24Vdc to 12Vdc convertor approved for use in a Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous environment that meets the following spec.
21-30Vdc Input
12-13Vdc Output @ 5Amps Max.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Vitor Finkel

At this power level, forget Intrinsic Safety. I don't think it will be easy to find anything ready for your needs. Most people would try to move the "convertor" to a safe area.

Buy the converter, and an adequate Explosion proof enclosure, and install the converter in the enclosure. IMHO that's the easiest way to do it.
Avoid drilling any holes in the box or the certification of the box for Explosion Proof aplications is void.

Since you may dissipate quite some heat with this electrical power, be carefull to check that the enclosure temperature will not go above the maximum allowed at the classified area.

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Responding to Lance Guillory's request:

It is highly unlikely you will find a DC/DC converter suitable for installation in a classified area.

You will probably have to mount it in an x-proof enclosure. Use "switcher"-type with highest efficiency to minimize power loss thereby
minimizing the resultant temperature-rise. Then you must chose enclosure size suitable for dissipating heat generated inside enclosure.

Alternatively, you might consider a purged enclosure with a code recognized purging system.

Either method seems very expensive for a 60 watt power supply. Can you elaborate on the application?

Phil Corso, PE
Trip-A-Larm Corp
Dear Sir,
You could please explore innumerable solutions available as per your requirement from following vendors
Vicor (please note it is vicr)
Linear Technologies.
The above solutions are damn cheap, effecient (90%), and as small as a
small matchbox.

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C. Arrowsmith

Yes. Sola Hevi Duty makes a Class 1 Div 2
75 watt supply that will work. Not quite the 5 amps you need, but I believe they can also be ganged.