Class I Division II Cable Connections


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Ivan Cardenas

I am looking for Class I Div II removable (in the field) cable connectors for RS-232 serial, networking etc. This is for mobile control/tech service stations in Classified Areas.

I have been told of such connectors, but have never actually seen any or heard of a manufacturer. These runmored devices are SUPPOSED to be a two stage removal process.

1) First step is to twist and break the electrical connection in isolation beyond an arc distance.

2) Remove the cable by twisting and removing a second time.

Many Thanks!
We had to do this with Scales on Carts for CL1 DivII area. For our application we put the power through relays, and the Electrical Code said for low voltage, you can remove power from the connector before disconnecting. We put a switch next to the connector, and our procedures called for powering down the scale before connecting/disconnecting.

S. Landau

david mertens

We use connectors from CEAG, they work like you described. Check out "": .

The connectors we use are all for at least 220V, they have connectors with up to 21 poles that can also be used to connect signal lines. (If it's rated to 220V it will be OK with smaller voltages). I don't know of any connectors specifically aimed at communications, but we normally use fibre optics for communication in Ex zones (Profibus DP and Ethernet) and profibus PA and 4-20mA EExia for instrumentation in Ex zones.