Class PS CT secondaries in parallel in differential protection

6.6kV, 3125kVA, 3ph DG Set. The output of the generator is splitting in to two and going to two different HT switchboards. Switch board is located approx 200m from the DG. For differential protection, we have 6 nos CT on the phase side (3 each in each SWBD) with respective phases connected in parallel. There are 3 CT's in neutral side. All are connected to a CAG 34 relay (high impedance differential protection) through stabilising resistor. Question is whether the paralleling of CT on phase side is OK?

There are 2 possible conditions.
1. Breaker on both switchboards are ON and feeding load (unequal).
2. One of the HT SWBD breakers is off.

If any body can, kindly explain. I am getting conflicting opinions from different people.