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Peter Hopfgartner

As I recently discovered, classicladder is also distributed as a separate package. Would it make sense to have classicladder configure
itself? And simply invoke the configure in the classicladder in the classicladder directory.

Is there any difference (except the older version in mat) between classicladder as a separate distribution and classicladder in mat. Probably yes, since classicladder-mat links against the LinuxPLC library.

As a side note. Would it be possible to arrange the files in the CVS archive in such a way, that the directory layout would look like:


On Mon, 2001-11-12 at 18:01, Curt Wuollet wrote:
> Great Work Pete!
> Peter Hopfgartner wrote:
> >
> > Dear developers,
> >
> > I've commited right now some initial files for auto* support. As I said
> > in a previous message, I'm not an auto* expert. So feel free to flame me
> > for the bugs in it.
> >
> > And as I said in another message, I really have to rub the time for
> > developing this thing. As a consequence, alot of things are missing.
> > Flame me for this, too.
> >
> > My current development system in Debian 3.0 (testing) with very recent
> > auto* tools. Let me know your experiences with these files, and if you
> > can't resist to send me patches, then do it.
> >
> > Thanksfully yours,
> >
> > Peter Hopfgartner

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