Clone Unit HMI hard drive & Install on unit 2


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Our unit 2 HMI reboots several times per day. We've traced it to obsolete mother board. We've cloned our unit 1 HMI hard drive & installed in our GE historian (same PC type & mother board as HMI). We installed historian PC with cloned hard drive on unit 2. We verified the unit 1 & unit 2 files on F drive were the same on both HMI's. Do you see any problem with this? We tried it for a couple hours & everything worked fine. Both HMI's are connected to MKV via Arcnet card. The unit 2 mother board was replaced several years ago & I was unable to get windows to start with that hard drive when we installed it in the historian for testing.
As long as the arcnet address is "addressed", cloning of drives works very well on similar hardware.

MkV C core, HMI, and EX2000 addresses MUST be different.

If you have problems in the future, please share.
I've done similar. I had to rename the computer in Windows to avoid duplicate name on the network. Also note that the HMI software serial number has been duplicated, which was discovered here while prepping for an upgrade. GE commented on the duplicate serial numbers of the HMI software but since we had the appropriate number of HMI licenses, we were technically legal. The big concern would be with tuning constants, calibrations, or other variations that would have been part of that unit. A download will change all of those. I was able to update those files because we had a fairly recent backup of the unit directory. I would have tried putting your unit 2 hard drive into another box first, or otherwise fixing it. We now maintain a cloned hard drive in each HMI and we do regular unit directory backups.