Closed loop stepper Reverse Torque question

Looking to use a motor as a 'variable weight' (think of a shaft mounted drum with cable spooled on it; motor maintains a programmed torque against the cable being pulled out & let spool up again)

I've seen claims (& videos) of steppers with encoder feedback controllers behaving nicely and returning gracefully to a set position when moved away from that set position, however they are demonstrated reasonable gently and less than 1 rev, this application would be many turns against set torque.

My expectation is the controllers would just throw up errors & shut down, is there a way around this?

Many thanks for any kind replies :)
Stepper motors are designed, as you have described, are for positional performance
not torque related. Your expectations would be correct as if prevented from
stepping on sequentially would trip out on error.

It appears to me you would be looking for a simple brush DC motor capable of
being stalled without burning out, energised from a constant current supply.

Can you be a little more concise with your application.