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Moaz Tajammal

Dear All,

The problem we are facing is a little strange. The Anti-Surge Controller installed on our CO2 Compressor starts opening up the anti-surge valve when the ambient temperature around the main controller gets above 24 degree Celsius (roughly). We have installed an RTD right on the bottom of the controller to keep monitoring its immediate ambient temperature.

The operating point on the discharge pressure versus compression ratio graph remains in the safe zone with acceptable margins from the Surge Control Line.

The problem mainly occurs when there is some kind of work going on in the rack room and there is a to and fro motion of people going in and out of the rack room. What we have observed and analyzed so far is that the to and fro motion of workers and opening and closing of the doors causes variations in the ambient temperature. And it is only then that the controller starts opening up the anti-surge valve even when the operating conditions of the compressor are perfectly fine.

Please help and guide!
Dear Tajammal,

CMS has a tendency to induce error in cards when heated. How much is the error? Does the valve goes on opening or stops at a certain opening.

Try installing a bracket fan to cool the controller.

Moaz Tajammal

It opens the valve up to 3% and then as we close the rack room, increase its cooling the controller takes the valve back to 0%.

We have another CMS controller installed as well on another compressor and it does not behave like this. I was wondering may be the power supply is faulty and getting the electronics heated up? Even if not so, is there no other way to pin point where the exact problem lies so that we can act accordingly?

Thanks for your reply.