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We have "UNIMAX" device produceds by "CMZ Sistemi Electonici".

whether probably using a WiDe work environment to upload from the hardware UNIMAX the user program on a PC hard disk for the future change?

thank you.
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Today I received an answer from CMZ support:
WIDE is the programming environment for CMZ that use internal PLC. In the past (up to 1997) the CMZ system was programmed in ASSEMBLER or FORTH languages and WIDE was not available.

In other words the WIDE is available only for the system CTE158,CTN230-330-560, CTE240 and TS1002. For the system UNIMAX WIDE is available only if the CPU card is the 331CPU.

Please can you control in the back side of the system if the CPU card is 331CPU or 68K CPU?

If the 331CPU is used it is necessary understand if the software is developed in AWL language or Forth language: Please write me the name of machine builder and I’ll try to understand the type of software language.

If the CPU is 68KCPU the program is normally write in FORTH or ASSEMBLER and the program is stored in EPROM: in this case is not use WIDE to program the system.
We do have a CTE158 331CPU.
We need to change one parameter on the Display, Does anyone have the Manual for this Controller and how to use the WIDE program.

I need the instructions to upload the programs (HMI and PLC) and them able to change one parameter on the display.
I guess, the HMI should have a program where the instruccion/addesses values are changed and then it transfer it to the PLC part where it uses to control the equipment the way it was programmed.

Any help is welcome,

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