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amr hassan

i need your help. i have a cmz TS1002 TOUCH SCREEN. It does not work.

when i open it it write (wait) only and does not start any function of the program on it. but all the function keys are appear on it but no one of them working. i need the program to re upload the soft of the machine to it.

can you help me for that?

thank you
First of all, where are you? CMZ sistemi elettronici has offices in many places in the world.

The website is and in order to use its download area (where your instruction manual probably is) you must register.

There is no current product on CMZ website with the model number TS1002, so it is probably an older touchscreen and likely obsolete.

In any case, it is highly unlikely that we can help you troubleshoot a touchscreen. You need to contact CMZ and find out where you may obtain service.

Of course, touchscreens are inexpensive enough that you might just want to buy a new one.

Good luck,

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