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Erdal Kapusez

Dear List,

We need to measure the flow of gaseous CO2. However, the operating pressure is within 0,2-0,6 Barg range. This does not allow us to use vortex, orifice (delta-P) type is also avoided because it is not considered accurate enough (required accuracy is <1% rate). Can anyone suggest another type of flowmeter ?

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Dogan Orhon

Stockler Paulo AD BR

Depending on the pipe diameter you can use Annubar (multiple pitot sensor) or integral orifice.
Coriolis type mass flow meter may work for lesser line sizes. If accuracy can be sacrificed a little bit you could go for rotameter.

Daniel Moroncini

I had used Promass coriolis meter from E+H ( to measure CO2 at low pressure. Accuracy is better than 1%. If you send me more data I can calculate the size.

Keven Dunphy

While you didn't quote a line size or flow rate, a Micro Motion Coriolis
mass flow meter could fit the bill. In line sizes up to 3", flow accuracy
better than 1% of mass flow rate are easily achievable. For example, a
CMF100 (nominal 1" process connection) could flow up to 20 lbs/min at the
high end, with specified accuracy better than 1% down to approx. 4

If you're interested in finding out more about Micro Motion CO2
measurement capabilities, you can check our or call

Keven Dunphy
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Venturi flowmeters with SMART DP transmitters can provide high accuracy (~0.5% reading) with very low pressure drop (mmH2O) and can be field certified for performance using a NIST traceable dead weight tester (primary standard).

John Catch[email protected]
Hi Daniel,
You can download applicator software from which can size you the promass flow meter. However i will mail you the sizing sheet once iam in the office