CO2 Purging from Generator


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one of the 37.5 MW generators of our power plant was shut down for maintenance and operators purged hydrogen with CO2 from generator stator. But didn't purge CO2 with air after that. Because of that CO2 has remained in stator at the pressure of about 0.5kg/cm2 nearly 2 month. I want to know if it is problematic and is there any standard for CO2 purging?

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thanks for your help.

I've heard of sites doing this--not venting the CO2 out of the generator and maintaining a slight positive pressure. But that requires seal oil to keep the CO2 from leaking out of the generator.

And, that was ONLY done when the generator wasn't going to be opened/entered for any inspection or maintenance. The CO2 would have to be purged before any human could enter or work in the generator casing (unless they were wearing a SCUBA tank and regulator).

I've not heard of any ill effects, but--again--the seal oil was left running to maintain pressure (CO2)in the casing. Without seals, it would be hard to know how pressure was maintained in the casing.