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David Nimmons

I am in the process of making modifications to our gas fired hot oil heater and am trying to find the applicable codes. I was given NFPA 8502, which covers multiple burner boilers, but, it states that process heaters are not covered by the standard.

"1-1.4 Furnaces such as those of process heaters used in chemical and petroleum manufacture, wherein steam generation is incidental to the operation of a processing system, are not cov-ered
by this standard."

Crystal Majercik


I would begin by placing the responsibility on the Boiler Manufacturer. Additionally, there are federal registered documents on Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes. You may try contacting Chromalox at 412-967-3800 and speak with Don Cunningham. If you cannot get assistance there, contact their Ogden, Utah manufacturing center where they manufacture various water and oil boilers.

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Paul Gruhn, P.E. Moore Process Automatio

What industry are you in? If it's refining, there is:

API RP 556, 1997: Instrumentation and Control Systems for Fired Heaters and Steam Generators