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Ed Sternad

Does anyone know which standards/codes are acceptable in Australia for
electrical/instrumentation? For example, is NEC or IEC or ? used there? We
will be building a gas processing facility there next year and need any
info. out there. thanks.
From memory it's something like AS1101.6

That being Graphical symbols for Process measurement and control.

I hope that's what your after..

Paul Clyne
Process Systems Manager
CSR - Fibre Cement

Struan Hawkes


Australia has its own standards organisation (Standards Australia) which
can be found at

Their standards are named ASxxxx.

SA has an agreement with IEC and re-badges their standards.

For gas installations the Australian Gas Association (AGxxx) also has an
interest (compliance usually mandatory by law), their standards have
recently merged into ASxxxx format.

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