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Neil Firmin

I am looking for some info on equipment or systems that may be suitable for a use in a application as a "early warning collision avoidance" system between Heavy Haulage Plant, Mobile equipment, and fixed or slow moving
structures (large) in a coal mine. A typical example is a Dozer operating in the slewing range of a Bucket Wheel Excavator on the blind side to the BWE driver.

We are looking to try and alert the driver or auto system (PLC's) to the fact that a "object" is in the vicinity. Its a pretty broad scope at the moment just trying to get a feel for what is out there, and any experiences others may have had in similar situations. For instance we have tried lasers for position systems but find the performance deteriorates with dusty conditions and targets being partly obscured etc, perhaps somebody markets some ultrasonic type devices ?, who makes the detection equipment they use on the automated tollways that scan cars as they pass through. Any good web sites would be much appreciated.


Neil Firmin
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Gene Wilkins

Sick Optic Electronics has a device they call a "proximity Laser Scanner" It has about 40 meters of range and scans through 359 degrees and is rated as a safety device. Also, I believe the company Schmersal has a similar system. You will need one rated for outdoor use and that is immune from being dazzled by the sun.
Gene Wilkins
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Larry Kolbert

Another laser device is by ThermoMeasureTech called the Accu-Pulse. With a
coal mining operation, explosion proof ratings may be a concern. The
Accu-Pulse is FM/CSA approved. Look

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