Colllection of data from PV inverter through PLC

I am a newbie to pv systems. I have been asked to do an assignment which is related to collecting data from the pv inverter by connecting a plc to it. Does anyone have any idea how can we collect the power generation data, voltages, current from the pv inverter by connecting a PLC?

If the existing controller does not have electrical values and a comm protocol for getting at the values, then you need to research 'industrial power monitors' (Google is your friend). The monitors all have some kind of industrial communications protocol (Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet/IP). Buy a monitor with a comm protocol that your PLC can handle along with the appropriate current transducers and voltage transducers (depending on the range).

Then read the manuals on configuring the monitor and the comm protoocol. Industrial comm tends not to be plug-n-play, it's a project.