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In the past I have used Com Profibus 3.3 software for configuring the profibus network. I would configure the station and then export the 2BF file and then download it to a SST-PFB-SLC from SST Technologies using HyperTerminal. I had to go through this process a couple of days ago using an old 95 laptop, it worked fine.

My question is can someone point me in the right direction for using Com Profibus on an XP operating system? I understand the latest software is 5.1. I have searched the Seimens websites for the software but cannot find a link to it. Is this still the best way to do it?

The version 3.3 will not install on XP.

According to Siemens FAQ Entry ID: 8460601, they don't offer any Profibus configuration software for XP.

However, I have been using V3.3 with 2000 and NT for several years without a problem, although it is not supposed to work on these platforms. I have not tried to load it on an XP machine. I do not like the new V5.1. I think it works OK, I'm just used to V3.3, and the new version "looks and feels" different. I did have trouble importing some old GSD files into the new version. The base software doesn't have included support for older hardware (typical Siemens strategy).

I thought that I had downloaded the software free off the Siemens web site before, but I don't see it anymore. (I remember this because it is so unusual for Siemens to offer anything free). I would give your local sales rep a call and see if they can obtain a copy for you. It USED to be free, so don’t let them charge you for it.

Good Luck.

Donald Pittendrigh

VMware makes a wonderful piece of software for running a virtual PC within your desktop PC. I run two Win2kS machines with InTouch 7.1 and InTouch 8.0 on my server which has a Wink 2003 operating system which is incompatible with InTouch terminal services. I can log onto the InTouch servers using terminal services and in every regard these virtual machines behave as if they were two separate pieces of hardware. It will be possible to run com Profibus in a virtual machine with Win98, in your WinXP machine. The VMware website offers a downloadable demo which runs for 30 days for free, it is well worth the effort to give it a try.

Donald P