COM524 to Philips PR1614


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I'm trying to add another Philips PR1614 to the S5 system. The weighting amp. is connected to COM524 card. I have the driver in *.525 but I don't know how to open it. Anyone knows how to edit this driver, Please help me and tell me where to get the software to edit it. Currently, I use Step5 version 3.2.

Thanks for your help :)
Hi Prinya,
You need a COM525 package to edit the *.525 program. This COM525 package is working behind STEP5.

I don't know the mentioned driver but normaly there is documentation by the customer where you can see what to do......

When changing the program you also need to write the EPROM new for the CP524.

With some drivers the parametrizing is working from the CPU, but you have to check that.

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