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Mike Barker

Anyone out there know of the following device ? A single unit that has both PLC / controller and embedded web server. 1) Interface to the realworld via a small number of inputs / outputs ( digital & analogue ) 2) Interface to the internet via ethernet or RS232 or embedded modem 3) Programmable in assembler or high level language If so, can i order 700 ;-) mike barker Durban, South Africa

Kirk S. Hegwood

Try They have a single windows ce unit with touch screen, Ethernet, multiple ports, pcmcia slot for modem. We are using a number of them on some machines we designed and they all connect to our servers via internet. Kirk S. Hegwood President Signing for Hegwood Electric Service, Inc. [email protected]
Bristol Babcock has released/is releasing a product called ControlWave which is a PLC with a embedded web server, has up to 3 ethernet ports, (all with separate IP addresses), up to 4 RS232/485 Serial Ports, and is programmed using IEC-1131. Check out for more info. Hope this helps. Joe Farren PCD
Try contacting Phoenix Contact - manufacturer of many types of network controllers anD I/O modules. I know for sure they have stand-alone and PC based controllers that allow ethernet connections and they just released a line of Ethernet I.O that has web-based management that sounds like is right up your alley. there number is 1800-586-5525 and there website is G.A.Fry

Peter Whalley

Mike, Have a look at the Web-Graf product form Dominion Electronics. This looks like it does everything you want. Regards Peter Whalley Managing Director Magenta Communications Pty Ltd 121 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia. e-mail: [email protected]
Mike -- I would try the Schneider Electric Momentum PLC Line. The components you need are a Momentum 171 CCC 980 30 CPU with whatever IO bases you may need. These PLCs are low cost, programmable with Ladder Logic or with the IEC 1131 languages (Function Blocks, Instruction List, etc), and come with a web server and Ethernet (as well as RS 485). There is a wide variety of IO that can be connected as well. Rich Baker Schneider Electric Automation Business

Alain Marbach

You can have a look at Schneider Electric one board M1E, who has IEC 1131 languages with the Concept programming tool, embedded web-server, and Ethernet connection, and I/O. We have also modular design solutions with multiples boards You can try to reach Schneider Electric South-Africa, which team has always been one of the most impressive in deploying web&plc solutions Have great success Truly yours, Alain MARBACH President & COO Schneider Electric Automation Business, North-Andover, MA, USA
The Quantum PLC from Schneider equipped with an NOE embedded web server, programmed with IEC1131-3 languages will essentially satisfy your requirements. Len Klochek