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I need help ... i'm trying to communicate a process panel 325 with a plc (AC800M) using comli protocol. the problem is that i don't know how to configurate the plc. The panel acts as master and the plc as slave, but i don't how how to program it using the control builder m. I was reading a manual and it said that i need to use some function blocks like comliconnect, comliread, comliwrite but i don't understand the parameters and i haven't found an easy explanation. Please answer my question ... if you don't understand my doubt pls tell me and i'll write it again but in a better way.
Drop an I/O block such as SignalInBool from the SignalLib library.

Attach a variable to the input of your SignalInbool block. Create a new one called 'LimitSwitch'. Right click on the block, Edit Parameter List. The In parameter is the variable you just connected.

Go back to the Control Builder M starting page and go to the Connections of the control module. There you can rename the variable at that level to something else. 'LimitSwitch_con'

Next go to the Access Variables in the hardware config. Create a variable name for the COMLI world and for the Path navigate to 'LimitSwitch_con'