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My Name is Pathi, control engineer in singapore.

I needed your help to get to know about comm between modicon plc & pc because i need copy ladder into my note book, i am not aware of modicon plc.

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John Grutter

The thing to do is install the Proworx programm software on to your note book. Then communicate with the PLC and download the application program from the PLC into your notebook. Then you can edit the ladder, print copy, paste etc. Hope this answer will help you.
You can download the Proworx program from the Schneider site. The only disadvantage of the free program is that it only stores 25 rungs, but you could try to communicate with your PLC.
If youy want to use the Proworx unlimmited, you have to buy a software key.
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you can use modsoft software as well it is simple and does not need any software key.
good luck
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