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Mark Hill

Greetings all;

I have a client who'd like to communicate via RS232 and cell phone to his remote PLC.
Software isn't an issue.

Can someone recommend a commercial cell phone that'll handle both GSM and CDMA technologies ,,, and isn't cluttered with the fancy buttons etc of a hand held cell phone ??

Mark Hill, President
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I depends on the PLC and the Cell phone carrier. We had to search high and low to find a cell phone carrier that would allow modem connections via the cell network. Many companies had big promotions when they started to offer the service with the StarTac phones. Due to the bandwidth issues it created, many of the providers quietly discontinued the service in our area.

Moral of the story. I would find out the carriers in the area that truly support modem/cell phone connections. Then determine the phones they will support.

Rob Entzinger Schneider Automation

Try Wavecom theirs is Hayes Compatible commands
and/or Remcon theirs use Modbus protocol interface.

I only have the South African contacts.

Rob E.