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D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I am looking for 2 different devices and wonder if anyone has any product recommendations they would like to make to assist.

1) Looking for an RJ45/FO rail mount converter for glass fibre, industrial standard with external power supply with 100Meg capability.
2) Looking for an Ethernet hub with minimum 3 ports RJ45 and stacking connection using glass FO port. Stacking normally implies little other than
a cross over connection so I would presume any FO port would work as the crossing over is done by swapping the 2 FO cores????

Donald Pittendrigh

Sharad maheshwari

Hello Mr. Donald,

I would like to inform you that Siemens has the products that you are looking for. But this has to be connected to the networks of the Siemens Simatic (PLC and Network family) components. They do not support other parties. Hence if your application can use the Siemens PLC's and Networks then you have a solution.

You can visit the Siemens site and contact the Siemens Simatic Hotline at germany.
If you need any other info you could contact me at [email protected]