Communicating between PC and NANO PLC using USB to Serial Adaptor


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My computer is having USB Communicating ports only, where the operating system I have is windows 2000. I have the PL707 software and need to communicate with the NANO PLC (Telemecanique) using the USB to Serial Converter and the PLC communication cable TSXPCU1030.

the Problem that I have, communication is not possible, and computer gives my error for the communication. I have tried the same with other computer which have a serial port and it is working properly.

Please advise if there are some adjustment/configuration I have to do,

I am using the COM Port 1.

Dr. R. Erlich

Use EUSB instead of serial port, it will free your serial port if you have one!

EID, Corp. is an OEM manufacturer (100% made in U.S.A) for many kinds of E-USB boards and kits, such as I/O, ADC, timer, counter etc. You will be able to control directly from your PC via USB port. Yes free DLL… and other free software…

Write your code, application utilizing our free DLL.

See the following links:

A. Electronic Kit (DIY), I/O and more via E-USB:

B. Free DLL and demo software E-USB PC-ports kits: