Communicating iFIX Scada with omron cqm1h


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hai friends,

I have CQM1H-CPU11 omron plc. I tried to communicate PLC with iFIX SCADA (demo Version). I observed communication established between the two. but my animated images are not working. Can any one suggest me how to connect SCADA with OMRON PLC? I have assigned tags properly. Simulation mode is working.
The PLC has a suitable protocol drive which must be installed for both the PLC and SCADA software package - example: Modbus. Since you have comms up between the two, you probably need to insure that the animated obects are connected to the correct tags and the tags are configured to provide the correct functions based upon wha tyou want them to do, rotate, change color, blink on and off, ect.

Sounds like your somewhat over your head or in unfamiliar territory, but your on the right track.



Bryan Bitters

If you are using a version 7 driver from GE Fanuc (Intellution), and have simulation mode turned on, you will have problems when you actually connect to the processor. Simulation mode is used for developing your tag database while not connected to the plc. Turn it off when you're ready to communicate to the plc.

In datbase manager, turn on auto-refresh, and make sure 'current value' is one of the columns displayed. If you get question marks, it's a driver problem. If there are values present, the problem is in your picture.

Good luck, and good hunting.