Communicating my Micro PLC as slave using MODBUS/JBUS


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Hi all,

If anyone knows how to communicate Micro PLC as slave PLC using MODBUS/JBUS, Plz tell me the right procedure with full details.....

Hello there...

What kind of Micro PLC are you using and what kind of protocol does it support? If your application requires a DF1 interface to Modbus protocol, then the DataLink DL4000-DMX maybe the winner.

Mike B.
Thanks all fr ur replies,

I am using MICRO PLC TSX-37, which have two ports TER and AUX, and want to connect my micro with pther devices using modbus,

i made a configuration for Micro using MODBUS/JBS, and it's succesfully done. The configration is checked by connecting PLC sing JBUS and read it's program.

and all other devices, let say PM500 and others also configured for MODBUS,

But the problem occured on using Modbus Explorer and other MODUS Tester softwares, when i was connecting only PM500 device i got actual data, but on connecting Micro + PM500 on MODBUS, my communication got disturbed......

I think this will work...but getting problem.