Communicating S5 PLCs and Citect SCADA


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Hi All,

I have a network with COROS LSB/Win as SCADA connected to two PLCs S5-115U and other two PLCs S5-135U/155U. The four PLCs racks have a SINEC CP Card (6GK1543-1AA01) and a bus terminal SINEC L2 (6GK1500-0AB00).

I need to change the PC (R145 PII of Siemens) and the COROS SCADA. My client insists to use Citect SCADA. Could someone tell me what hardware and software I need to use in order to communicate the new PC with the Profibus network of S5 PLCs?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Use Citect's PSDirect (PRO SCADA) Driver to connect directly to S7 and S5 PLCs. This driver is a front end/back end driver that will use a standard Ethernet card, and since it is a direct driver you will no longer need Siemens Software to be present on your CitectSCADA Server.