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my name is Rouzbeh. I study IT (master) in Germany. My thesis is about meter reading and i have used a Socomec Diris A40 with a RS485 Modbus/Jbus module for communication with my laptop. But i don't have any idea about Modbus protocol. I have read about it in internet but that was not useful.

My problem is, i want to send a query to the meter and receive the amount of kWh of it. but I don't know, how i can do it. should i use a software for modbus communication or?

should i send only the query to the meter or do i need a handshake? how should be the handshake?

I really appreciate when you help me
thanks in advance
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Hi Rouzbeh

I have done a little application reading parameters from Socomec devices and displaying it on a HMI screen.
The project was build using pvbrowser (see

This is an opensource HMI-SCADA package which includes the Modbus protocol (rllib library).

If you are interested I can assist you in your development.
You need the list of Modbus addresses from the meter vendor. The Modbus protocol addresses arrays of data, and it is up to the device vendor to decide what needs to go into each address. That information should either be in the manual for the meter, or in a separate supplement.

Here is some information on Modbus/TCP. This is the Ethernet version of Modbus, but many of the concepts are similar and may help you to understand Modbus better.


I am attempting to communicate with the Diris A40 using the ethernet module. Is there anything special you had to do to get your HMI to communicate?
Nothing special, just change some parameters to the modbus daemon to work with the ethernet interface rather than serial.